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forward About Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia—aptly called Canada's ocean playground--is an Atlantic area of the state, and home to nearly 1 million persons. Deliberately located on the country’s east coast, it covers more than 3800 coastal islands, separately from the mainland area.

Situated closely in middle between the Equator & the North Pole (44º 39' N Latitude), it’s the second-smallest area in the Maple Leaf Country, next only to Prince Edward Island. It’s also the second-most-thickly occupied area. The Nova Scotia peninsula is the province's mainland surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, including many bays & estuaries. Since the province at nowhere is over 130 km wide, not a solitary constituent of the similar is far away from the sea.

With its wonderful harbors, located near the main sea-lanes, the area has replaced its role as an important military & naval stronghold. Nowadays, the sea upholds its importance; having pitch forked the province as the North Atlantic’s major fisherman, beating New England & Newfoundland--its closest contestants.

Halifax, the region’s political capital, also its main city, houses over 400,000 persons. Also a main seaport of the nation, Halifax’s entitlement to fame also breaks on the fact that it is a key gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. When most of the persons landed in the country, via water vessels, Halifax’s Pier 21 was the spot wherein close-to every alien to the nation first turned-up, making it a famous signpost for overseas movement to the Maple Leaf Country. Meaningfully, Nova Scotia is also home to the republic’s oldest African-Canadian collection of people.

forward Resources:

It is province rich in minerals, & natural capitals. Its state mineral is the mineral Branch. It’s exposed close the Amethyst cove & the Cape Breton Island. Manganite, Barite, and Goethite are all exposed all the way finished the Fraser and the McDonald mine. Coal is a key natural reserve and so are Oil, Natural Gas, besides Fishing.

Really, oil besides Natural Gases are exposed on the province’s southern coasts even while fishing and fish could be revealed at the Inlets, Capes, and/or Bays. Coal is exceptionally abundant all the way through the area. Great Rising soil is also attractive extensive. The soil is definitely rich in residues even as it yields vegetables & fruits in a good manner.

forward Economy & Employment:

The area claims of a highly varied cheap that covers major businesses in the facility, industrial & mining domains. However, conservatively, several people of the province received their bread and butter from fish stocks of the Scotia Shelf. Unfortunately, however, fish capitals have become scarce in recent years, unusually swaying the fishing commercial.

Of late, the budget of Nova Scotia has effectively expanded, and courtesy re-training, numerous of those who had develop unemployed with the decline of the fisheries, have exposed fresh employment-opportunities in the area’s development trades. Halifax--as a big urban center--houses an excess of trades and occupations even as its cheap is Atlantic Canada’s hub.

The province boasts of a very industrialized forestry sector, apart from a very enthusiastic commercial farming segment. Coal manufacture controls the mining segment. Recently, the region has started to gain from the extensive examination of offshore oil and gas began in the previous 10 years or so.
Subsequently the first money-making manufacture of oil begun during 1991, incomes from oil & gas business have increased particularly helping to boost the change of the province’s cheap. Travel is also a main section in the economy of the province. Every year, over a million guests reach in the area, with more or less 25% of these incoming from outdoor the Maple Leaf Country.

The regular salaries for the province ranks the highest between all Maritime Provinces. Price of existing is rather rationally priced, falling below the state average. Organized with the happy average wages in the province, the populations may have satisfactory money for an incredibly good normal of living.
When careful the boondocks, the region is watched more and more as a terminus wherein the delightful life may be liked even with a per capita pays that are inferior the national average. The populations usually maintain that material expansion & growth does no injury to the fair living they presently get desire from.

Canada skilled immigration-inspired aspirants can opt for Nova Scotia provincial Nominee program. Nova Scotia Nominee Program In-demand Job List has been brought-out and will be appropriate with result from March 6th, 2014. The modern Regional Labor Market Request stream, via the Nova Scotia Program, is tailored to pick-up those candidates, who provide to the specific region’s labor market supplies, are intended to become a key constituent of the booming labor market, with a enduring or full-time status, and are eager to stay in the said province forever.

Despite the fact that it’s not compulsory that the applicants are equipped with an enduring, full-time offer of service from a province-based company/job-provider, when they file a proposal, it is very important that they are dedicated to get jobwise complicated with a ‘wanted’ line-of-work in the area. In order to learn if a person’s selected occupation is really in demand, the applicants would do well to go finished the list here given below.

Native Labor Market Demand: In Request Jobs for the purpose of assortment of skilled settlers for province of Nova Scotia, Canada

Directors in Health Care

Trade and extensive trade managers

Cafeteria and Food Service Managers

Monetary Examiners and Accountants

Additional Monetary Majors

Public Contrives

Motorized Causes

Electrical and Electronics Causes

Computer Engineers

Info Organizations Analysts and Consultants

Folder Analysts and Data Managers

Software Causes and Creators

Processer Programmers and Communicating Media Designers

Motorized Engineering Scientists and Specialists

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Scientists and Specialists

Info schemes challenging specialists

Professional Physicians

Over-all Consultants and Family Physicians



Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists


Work-related Therapists

Listed nurses and recorded psychiatric nurses

nurse physicians now under 3124 Allied main health practitioners

Medicinal Workroom Scientists

Pathology helpers and mortuary associated managers moved to 3212

Breathing Therapists, Clinical Percussionists and Cardiopulmonary Technologists

Therapeutic Energy Scientists

Medicinal Sonographers

Qualified Practical Nurses

Additional technical occupations in therapy and valuation

3236 new code - comprises massage therapists from former 3235


Initial Childhood Professors and Supporters

Marketing Skill Supervisors



Servicers and supervisors, machining, metallic forming, shaping and erecting trades and connected jobs

Operators and Machining and Tooling Examiners

Manufacturing Electricians

Welders and connected engine operators

Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

Motorized service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and powered repairers

Crane Workers

Administrators, Other Mechanical and Metal Products Manufacturing

It is important that one’s location for his chosen occupation is fairly acceptable in the exact area he confidences to dwell in so that his proposal gets appropriately measured, via the class of what is known as Local Labor Market Request. The Nova Scotia immigration activity will start accepting complete requests through the stream of Regional Labor Market Demand with consequence from 6th March, 2014.