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US L-1 visa is non-immigrant entry license aiding approving to singles to hovel and work for short time time period(to a maximal duration of seven years) for establishment or institutions they are being relocated by to carry out captious tasks held captious for the endeavor, thereby moderation international social group significant to either set up or pull off a subdivision, aid or an subordinate. The singles being conveyance to US should have activity in the curious foreign constitution for a minimum time period of one year in past 3 year period straightaway above the date of entry request.

The L-1 license alters the household sighted spouse and dependents to shift to the state on the basis of non-immigrant L 2 visa. The license supplies the partners unrestricted freedom (acquired through I – 765) to state. In certain cases L-1 visa also acts as entry level approval for green card of this state .

Salient Features :

It is essential for meaning organization to meet definite criteria of commercial relationship between non US and US Establishments, both the US and abroad organization must be portion of same endeavor and must also be on the job as

1.Parent and accessory, or

2.Branch and headquarter, or

3.Sister establishments


Both abroad institutions and US should be closely-held by one or more common tasks, or third parties in whom each of the partnering enterprises enjoys a 50% interest and dominant with veto powerful.

Types of L-1 Visa :

The L-1 permit is categorized as
L-1A –(enforcements and directors)Visa is valid for 7 years and is normal for people being conveyance to US to be spread on senior management ranks to happening indicated responsibilities.

Regulating and observation administrative functions or managing the organizations, or part of the establishments.

Playing as dominant authority over administrative or professional human resource purposes

Fetching care of critical roles of organization in applicable capacity.

L-1B (individuals with specialized skills)is valid for 5 years and is given to force with specialized skillfulness and know how about assorted features particular to the institution.

Daily permit is applicable for and authorized on merit for each single by USCIS.

If you are disposed to open a new office in USA to grow your business, you may measure up for this class.

Across-the-board facility is drawn-out to competent leaders. Blanket visa enables organization to get endorsements for aggregate numbers of personnel department. With blanket facility, there is no need for

Abstracted requests for each single case.

Information makings of each single personnel

forward  Support for L-1 Visa Process:

Make specialized capable support and backup for L-1 two-step petition procedures at low-priced costs.

Evaluate and accumulate all essential papers, Immigration signifier, and fix them for entry.

Serve both single and firm clients.

Individual Clients :

We set up the petition for entry of request by your leader

After petition approving, we aid in your visa message

Corporate Clients supplies cheap time conjugate effective immigration works. L – 1 Adepts at our condition center render comprehensive support in measuring making as a modification petitioner or leader in invariable attachment to US immigration policy .
Quality Assistance for L-1 clients

Assembling confirmations and inputs, and assessing to determine making of Suppliant and Beneficiary

Assembling critical documents from overseas company for L-1A or L-1B

Making appropriate business proposal for new entity

Leasing office site on behalf of client to supply confirmation for office lease and concern address in US Readying enactment firm certification for new businesses considering structural statements, a rticles of incorporation or organization, founding establishment, etc.

Assembling substantiating papers for elaborating Modification relationship between some entities as attached endeavor Being of “business in advancement” between qualifying endeavor Making of concessions for limiting worker.

Carrying out large reappraisals of Organizational series, business path record of and between both organizations, and letter of state Papers to set up qualification based on final business content and final verifications Business messages that match to immigration laws Job declarations.

Subordinating with outer experts


I-129 requests with L matters
Screen letters and other encouraging papers as per obligations Encouraging documents, hierarchical charts and other paper as per responsibilities

Completing request after 2-step reappraisal procedure

Submitting I-129 petition with USCIS

Pursuing up and change about discipline with USCIS

Settling RFE, application for extra encouraging

On acquiring approving communication about the substance

US Immigration Law Firms offer dependable 2-step reappraisal services, which are transferred out in close consultations with occupational group US immigration law experts. All our place of business are armored with state of the art “Tracker” immigration software which helps us to absolute all the phases of immigration case work expeditiously within given time exposure and fund.

forward  Superior Assistance:

Placing petition for blessing for communicating the suppliant and spirituality to beginner the case procedure

Placing postulation for needed confirmations

Measuring document for quality and petitioning for any extra obligations.

Fixing and measuring immigration documents

Additive the postulation submission and communicating with a examination copy of postulation for reappraisal.

forward  L-2 Mutuality Visa:

The family unit (partner and mutual kids under 21 years) of L-1 visa bearer can move to US with help of L-2 visa. The cogency of this non-immigrant permit trusts on cogency period of L-1 visa.

forward   Modification/Expansion of Non-immigrant Visa:

If family of L -1 visa holder is not yet in US and their desires to control visa or acquire L -2 permit, all associates can utilize collectively for it through with I-539 postulation.

forward  Upper-class Aid

Collecting befitting papers and measuring to grounds family relationship between spirituality and capital person

Entry I-539 signifier residing in US or DS- 160 visa application for L-2 dependent visa

Fixing visa petition after across-the-board two step reappraisal

Acquiring in order

Visa request kit after the DS-160 entry

Subordinating with applicable diplomatic building for ASC (Biometrics) and Visa Interview assignment Readying customers for the visa interviews

Material up I-765 (Request for Occupation Mandate Papers -EAD) with confirmations to be recorded with USCIS upon entrance into the US.